Wine characteristics

Morey-St-Denis 1 er Cru Les Chenevery 2004


The Wine 

Splendid purple colour, intense and limpid, this wine stir small red fruits aroma like raspberry and cherry.

Its structure is silky-smooth thanks to ripe tannins. Stable, harmonious and very persistent.

The final taste is the raspberry. 



Vine is 75 years old.

Cultivation, vines are ridged up

Sustainable control of pests and diseases

No fertilizing since few years

Manual thinning out of leaves

Green grape-picking when the raps are ripped



Limit Yield (40 hl).

Hand grape-picking with pierced boxes, rapes are chosen in field.

Moderated use of sulfure dioxide

Clusters of grape are pulled out

Local yeast

Traditional fermenting in vats, open tubs.

Breeding in cask which 30% are new

No sticking, no filtration

Hand bottling in the domain after 18 months of breeding.